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So here I am. Picking my first feminist blog site.I was attracted by the site called “fbomb” in some weird way. Without knowing about the content or the contributors at all, I knew already that I would follow this blog for the course. So on with me to the useful and interesting content of my own blog.

What’s fbomb? And are they dropping it?

Well yes they do! If F stands for feminist. It is meant to be very close to the common fbomb meaning and as far as I can tell, it is there to vocal womens feeling in a better way.  The blog itself is meant to be a proud platform to address and raise certain issues young women may – or even will – encounter during their life as juveniles. Julie Zeilinger is the main editor of the fbomb and describes herself as a proud teenage feminist. The Autors of the blogs are also young feminists who write about their thoughts and rights as a woman. Nearly everyone can contribute to the blog, as long as a few set basic rules are being kept in mind while doing so.
“[…]while there isn’t an age limit for submitters, keep in mind that this is a blog by and for young feminists, and posts should be about content that is relevant to that demographic and written by that demographic.” (Source:

The submitted topics vary from personal reports of incidents or observations like “You Do Have A Voice“, to critical reflexions like “Why We Need To Stop Being Politely Active“. The various topics make use of images, videos or just plain text to get their intended point across.

Since this is my first response in a series of more upcoming blogposts regarding the “fbomb”, all that is left now is to simply hope someone enjoyed my quick review on Julie Zeilingers community platform. My next entry will contain a more critical view on the blog itself.

Dennis de la Gala