Hello dear bloggers!

The course is going into the “hot-phase” and we are going to make art responses and remixes of past issues regarding feminism and social justice in general.
At first I was some sort of clueless, but suddenly it struck me. I remembered one course where we talked about drawing attention to certain topics.
GI Joe and Barbie. The toys with swapped sound modules, where Barbie would shout a warcry and GI Joe admitted that he likes flowers the most!
So why not pick up this topic and develop it to point out a different and urgent issue?

Picture sources from left to right:

!!!Before continuing reading, try to figure out the meaning of the pictures above. They develop their projected weight jointly.!!!

Reflecting on GI Joe and Barbie switching their roles (or being precise: How I saw the sound-swapping) made me think of our troops or police officers and the recent (political) acceptance of women within these forces.
Beforehand continuing this blog, I would like to state that the following lines do not generalize or directly state that every woman has a hard life within our civil service, nor do I aim to generalize and demonize the men mistrusting women doing their jobs. Not everyone mistrusts women in these jobs, but still:
There are issues accepting women in these jobs and all I aim for is to raise attention to this sensible topic. Again, I do not say that women are not welcome within these forms of civil service!

But in the cases when they aren’t, they encounter several problems along their way. They may get into civil service, but from then on their lifes are hell.
Not gaining credit for their work, being titled “The weak link in the chain” or simply by receiving the disliked work nobody likes to do.
While my first chosen picture may show equality, the second picture refers to being misused or abused. With this I want to refer to using women as a tool, to get disliked work done or to simply get them out of the way, so the important work can be done by men.

The third picture illustrates the whole situation they find themselves in: Being hogtied in their uniforms (a pity I could not find one where Barbie is wearing an uniform while being tied up), unable to move, to work and to enjoy their valuable duty for their countries. The scissors are there, waiting on being used by the society to finally free her from her misery.

Opening recruitment and yelling “EQUALITY IS REAL!” isn’t enough to kick back and relax on this brilliant idea. Furthermore the process of equality needs to continue within these “Bands of Brothers” and change it to “Bands of Brethren and Sistren”.

Dennis D.

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