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Feminist Blog: Art Response

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve chosen to reply to this blog entry on F-Bomb:

I feel like my chosen image describes in a way what happens inside a person after being a victim to rape.
Please let both the image and the video act upon yourself and think about this shameful tendency.


Hello fellow bloggers,

This time we had to review one of our older blog entries : “Blog Consciousness-raising response”
I seemed to be sleepy the last time when browsing this assignment and misunderstood the purpose and the goal of this errand.
My response was an edit in my previous blog called Identity and Politics Visual Map (The one where I visualized the world wide weapon dealing countries)

Since I misunderstood the previous assignment, I am simply going to do this over again:

“Name the systemic issue and search this
issue with all of the text or part of the text from the title of the course “Social Justice Activism through Feminist Arts-based
Research: Agency and Transformative Identity Politics” to identify at least one feminist arts-based research example that relates
to the systemic issue.”

Since my blog “Consciousness-raising response” reflected on immigration and mistrust, I had a hard time to come up with some arts based responses that would fit my chosen topic well enough.
Instead of an artwork I found an interesting article which connects feminism, immigration and some sort of mistrust in the US:

Geography and gender: Feminism and a feeling of justice

Wright, Melissa (2010): Geography and gender: Feminism and a feeling of justice. In: Progress in Human Geography,
Pennsylvania State University, USA

I hope my finding is suffice enough to complete the assignment.

Dennis D.

Hello dear bloggers,

This time we had to think about a product or a label in our daily life – or any products that affect our life or the life of others. Since we live in a country with a famous arms producer settled,
I decided to visualize the global market of weapon dealing. At first I was about to visualize the connections between the different countries, but soon I realized that the research for the needed background
information would take a seminar papers work time. Also I wanted to list the legal and illegal weapon exchanges. Instead I simply chose to research a top 10 list of weapon exports around the world.

Weapon Exports

With this map I want to raise the awareness of a big industry branch which is keeping a low profile in our society. It is a topic nobody talks about, because it is mainly acting behind the scenes.
The products this industry produces may (currently) not be influencing our daily life, but in a lot of other countries they are not only influencing life but ending it.

The sources used to create this map were mainly Wikipedia articles and the “SIPRI Arms Transfers Database

Dennis de la Gala


I was googling (Wow. Is that even a word? I bet it is!) ” Social Justice & Weapon Dealing” and it threw up the following interesting article:

Not surprisingly I was able to find the lines “Lord of War” too. My article was inspired by remembering this brilliant piece of movie-art.